The Scottish Way – Planned for Summer 2025

For my 60th year, I am planning to revisit the land of my childhood holidays – the glorious wild lands of Scotland, but this time venturing further … into the heartlands of the Picts.

This will be a month long trip around the coast of Scotland to the Neolithic Rings of Brodgar on Orkney in time for Midsummer, and back – by camper van, ferry, and on foot.

Picture Credit: Stevekeiretsu, CC BY-SA 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Any one want to join me?

Contact me with routes, ideas, dreams, leads, recommendations…

A Journey to the Heart – A Pilgrimage up the River Wye to Bardsea Island June 2015

For the month of June I will be walking up through Wales from Chepstow at the mouth of the River Wye to Bardsea Island off the NW coast of the Llyn Pennisula.

This is a three fold journey. First and foremost it is an initiation; my initiation in to the middle ages: in celebration of my 50th year. It is also by way of creating a physical new/old map of how we relate to the world, reconnecting our ancient native wisdom with the warrior’s journey we each need to make to birth the New Story of Our Times. It is too the missing third thread of my up and coming book ‘Tales of Two Times’ – the hero’s journey that weaves the past to the future.

My invitation is to walk with me, whether for an hour, a day or for much longer stretches, all of it if you feel so called. All I shall say about your participation is that it will be your own journey and what unfolds therein will be for you to explore. I shall be on my own quest but delighted to share the path with any that wish to walk it too.

Along the way I would like to meet fellow questers, hear and share stories of past present and future, and hopefully enjoy some hospitality too; a nice warm bed, good local food & drink, and good company.

As an author and performance storyteller I welcome invitations to perform and/or talk about my books as I walk. I like all kinds of venues: cosy back rooms in pubs and inns, house concerts big and small, outdoors around fires and in community spaces, quirky bookshops and village halls, in fact anywhere at all where a goodly gathering of folk might be inspired by an evening of tale telling.

  • Contact me to host me, walk with me, or to know more about my  up -and- coming book.


UP THE DART (2013-2014)

The Dart at Greenway

Come walk up the River Dart

NEXT WALK  August 2016

with storytellers Helen Raphael Sands and WynnAlice and friends




Find out about the 2013 walk here:



We will walk from Dartmouth to the sources of the East & West Dart,

high up on Dartmoor guided by Inga Page (East Dart):


Read about Inga’s last walk to the source of the East Dart: www.dartmoorwalksthisway.co.uk/Dart-Pilgrimage

.and Tim Hemming (West Dart)


Join our group to see pictures of the 2013 walk Up the Dart:



we walked from Sugary Cove, Dartmouth  to the source of the West Dart,

beyond Two Bridges and Wistman’s Woods


guided by Tim Hemming




at the source



Read the tale of Up the Dart 2013



READ THE BLOG HERE: http://storyweaving.co.uk/?p=629






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