Poetry Cards Now Available


I have been selling my unique poetry cards for over a year now, locally, and now is the time to offer them more widely. You go to my Etsy shop to buy cards I can send out to you with envelopes and ready to go.


My first design that is widely available is MidWinter’s Reign – especially for those of you who prefer something less commercial and non religious.

My poetry cards are a little bit different from your usual card in that I print one of my inspirational and thought provoking poems on the same side as the picture (which could be a photograph of a local scene,  or a print of beautiful artwork, my own, or another artists) so that the inside of the card is blank for you to write your personal message. After the special occasion is over the recipient of your card can open it out and hang it up to be re inspired by the image and/or poem throughout the year.


The poem inside MidWinter’s Reign is this:


Mid Winter’s Reign

As night

Draws in

Ever earlier


Our ancestors

Knew this time

As time

 To reflect

On an old, old man

Father Time

Saturn the Wise.

Reflect inwards

 It’s Capricornius’ time,

 Time for rest,

Replete after our labours,

To reflect upon our deeds

Time too

To enjoy those fruits

 Of the year

 Besides a roaring fire

 Eat and drink

From what you have grown,

Or exchanged for your skills,


 Into the moment

 and consider


Of the two faces

 One looking to the past

One to the future

As  Mid Winter  reigns

This our task

What good

Did we weave in the world

What did we sow

What did we reap

What good

Shall we weave

In the New Year

This the message

Of the Old Father

Of Midwinter

Rest well

By roaring fire

Reflect upon your life

Replete from

Your feast

And dream anew.


Steph Bradley 9th December 2013


The image on the card is a print of a 60’s woodcut by Curtis Moy, and came to me, interestingly enough, as a gift from a wise old man…


Happy Reflecting, Rest, and Roaring Fires !