Searching for Love


I am very excited to be able to share that my first anthology of poetry will be published in time for St Valentine’s Day!

Called “Searching for Love” it will be an ebook published on Leanpub, a self publishing platform maintained by authors for authors.

On my page you will be able to leave comments, suggest edits, and say how much you would like to pay for this book.

There will be a collection of my poetry cards available on Etsy in time for the 14th February too.

For now though, so you don’t have to wait, here is a taste of the poems you will find in “Searching for Love“:


Steph Bradley works with you to create tales, poems, and paintings to commemorate your special occasion.

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The Things People Say

Over the Rainbow
Soulscape: Granny’s Violet

This soulscape painting, and poem were written in commemoration of her granny’s life;
Granny’s Violet

See the Honeysuckle Collection for more examples of her work.

All tales and poetry are presented to you in a hand painted booklet, and can also be performed live.

Contact Steph for more information.