About this book

In 2010 I walked 2000 miles around England in a pair of old red flip flops, collecting tales of everyday heroes making a difference in their communities. This hardback limited edition illustrated volume tells those tales, as folklore.

Praise for the “Tales of Our Times”:

“The book is a delight” Robert Moore, DJ

“…inspiring others to find their star path with your stories” Henrietta Paine, Fine Artist

“It’s a brilliant book – wonderful to hold and read those fabulous tales” Jacqi Hodgson , author of the Totnes EDAP

“ Congratulations on your book – I think it is a modern-day classic. I particularly like the way that you characterise some of the people you met in two or three key descriptive words – for example ‘the Wise One’.” –  Ian Smith, Community Engagement Officer

“Such an awesome achievement, Steph, you brought together some very beautiful, real people and wove their stories, with empathy and intelligence, and THEN made the book locally!” Louise Austin, founder member of SEA, Saltash Environmental Action

“Thank you for walking your talk and following your guidance, following your path, tracking peoples stories and creating a book of magic.” Iessaiah Graham, Healer

“The book I will treasure [ ] and use as inspiration for further events and happenings” Herewood Gabriel, artist and illustrator

“Impressive and touching tales” Mike Keefe, Builder

“The book is a delight, a work of art, and a pleasure to hold and to browse.” Perry Walker, New Economics Foundation (NEF)

“What a fine story teller and story gatherer you are! I feel honoured to have played a part in your endeavours. And now your book is a real treasure that I will cherish.”    Ben Brangwyn, co-founder of the Transition Network

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