A Tale for Rattery– Rattery Village Hall, TQ10 9LD, Friday 18th November at 6:30pm

A tale commissioned by Rattery Parish Council from parishioners’ visions for Rattery in 2035

In Steph’s own brand of whimsical telling

Come and hear how life will be for villagers in 13 years from now.

Watch the performance on YouTube:




Blodeuedd’s Tale

Bogan House Totnes, Devon

The Gatehouse, Totnes, Devon

The Old School, South Brent, Devon

Holistic Therapy Centre, Hardingham, Norwich

The Black Book Cafe, Stroud

Bowden House, Totnes, Devon

Jellyfish, Buckfasteigh, Devon


Praise for Blodeuedd’s Tale:

‘Your storytelling technique is very fine. Your inflection, intonation, and power and resolve to deliver stories is absolutely stunning. It reminded us of another storyteller, Hugh Lipton’ Dr I.C. Psychologist.

The cadence of the story, the beginning and the development and the aim, objective, of the story which you put into just by your delivery, in your intonation and your movement, & your whole coruscation  of  your delivery made the thing come alive’ Retired Psychologist

‘I want to absolutely echo the praise of your storytelling, it’s been enchanting  & the fact that we’ve sort of sat glued here for  two hours. You know what they say about attention spans. You did something … magical, for us’  Quaker Preacher



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 Listen to a story

Telling Tales in Lostwithiel

WynnAlice in Lostwithiel

The Quest to 2050 – a summer storytelling tour  2018

Felin Uchaf

Sprint Mill


The Oxford Storytelling Festival 24th -27th Aug (cancelled due to ill health)




“Who Plymouth Really Was”, a Transition Plymouth event, August 2017


“The Warriors Way” The Seed Festival, Stroud, July 2017


“Who Plymouth Really Was”  A Storywalk – Society for Storytelling Annual Gathering, Plymouth, 2017


“The Four Treasures”  The Seed Talks , Buckfastleigh, Spring 2017


“Tales of Plymouth” Transition Plymouth Celebration, January 2017


“The Warriors Way”, Bowden House, Totnes, late summer 2015


“The Warriors Way”,  Story Walk and Tour, Wales  2015 ( including Felin Uchaf and Cae Mabon)


“Tales of Our Times” , Newton Ferrers WI,  3rd March 2015


“The Happiness Pot” and other tales of Utopia, Schumacher Collage, March 2014


“The Tale of How Transition Came to Totnes“, Totnes Library, Spring 2014


Tales of Our Times“, South Hams Arts Forum, Spring 2014


Tales of Our Times” Book Tour May-June 2014:

– 3-4th June – Woodlands Farm, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

– 13-14th June – Sprint Mill, Burneside, Kendal, Cumbria

and many more around the UK.


Tales of the SW” Pelynt History Group, September 2014


Wednesday , 19th December 2013, Bogan House, Totnes

“The Happiness Pot” and other tales with music by Christoffer de Graal

Saturday 19th October 2013, Book Launch,  Rattery Village Hall, TQ10-9LD

“Tales of Our Times”  with live music accompaniment by Christoffer de Graal

Thursday 22nd August 2013, Totnes Festival, Soundart Radio Live from the Bay Horse , Totnes

 “Up the Dart”

Monday 26th August 2013, Totnes Festival, The People’s Cafe, the Mansion, Totnes

“The Tale of How Transition Came to Totnes”

Saturday 13th October 2012 ,The Happiness Festival, Dartington Hall, at the Sched talks

” The Tale of How Happiness was Won”

20th June – till Dawn 21st June 2012, 24 hours of… A FESTIVAL OF TRANSITION

Click the link http://changetheexchange.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/storytelling-at-change-the-exchange/
for a taste of Steph’s storytelling – live in Totnes market April 2012 with the amazing Change the Exchange group.

Satish Kumar and Steph Bradley

with Satish Kumar after storytelling at the Resurgence Festival, 2010.

Contact Steph Bradley to book a performance near you.


The Things People Say

“A wonderful evening, a real eyeopener.”  “It was the best evening we have had in the village hall ever”
Elin Falk Hunter, Retired, Rattery 2013
” A wonderful and completely engaging storyteller” 

Herewood Gabriel, Artist and Illustrator, 2013


“Impressive and touching tales”

Mike Keefe, Carpenter,  2013


“We still remember your Transition Tale; it changed our lives

Gabi Schneider, Transition Werkerle, Hungary, 2011

“What an experience… truly exceptional!”


“I just loved the listening, entranced and enraptured in a manner that reminded me of some distant past – though I’m not sure when!”


how glorious an evening it was, just how much it meant to me, thank you for all the joy that you spread” 


“[my friend]  said it was one of the best things of her whole life and added that it was something that could never be taken away from her. I definitely agree. And there’ll be future Transition Tales to hear!”

Storytelling Performance participants, 2011

“Your storytelling [is] quite magical. You […] have an inborn talent for it.”

Wendy Cook, author, 2011




Call 01364 644978 or email transitiontales@googlemail.com



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 Listen to a story

WynnAlice in Lostwithiel
Telling Tales in Lostwithiel



Contact Steph Bradley on to book a performance near you.


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