The Old Ones are Calling

The old ones are calling us,

way across the oceans of time

They have something to tell us

Want to help us

In our search for a new way of being

They are calling us back to see our roots

To understand how we came to be here


The old ones are calling us

To recognise our ancestors.

Their struggles

And their truth

Are our birthright

The things that strengthen us

T he stories that guide us


We have learnt half truths

Laid over half truths

And they serve us not

They feed not our soul

For we know in the depths

Who we truly are

And the old ones are calling us

Back home


To the stories of our kin

We came from over the sea

We came in boats

We came ashore

We came to conquer new lands

We came to find new homes

We came for we were lost

Refugees on the ocean of time


We came in waves

Over time uncountable

Kin of kin

Kin slaying kin

Memories erased by time

And half told truths

Back to our shores

The land of plenty


The land of our dreams

The land of our forebearers

The land of prophecy and vision

The land of our long forgotten past

Our ancestors

And our future

We came to seek our home

As all sea borne creatures do


The old ones are calling us

It is time

To reclaim our stories

The Storytellers have returned

To teach us the will and the wit

Of long forgotten kin

To peel back the layers

Of long forgotten tales


We can never go back

Ne’er return

Nor ought to try

And neither can we go on

To a paradise sought

Not ought to try

For the wisdom of the elders

Is right here with us now


It’s here in the whisper of the wind

It calls on the wailing tides

It burns through clouds

A vision of summer

And baked it holds us

Womb like

Feeding and quenching

Every need


Our old ones were shamans

There is no need to seek

Them in the lands of others

There is no need to borrow

From alien traditions

There is no need

For anything more

Than a good ear


When the old tales are taught

Forget your sums calculations and graphs

Forget the rise and fall of those in power

Live not in the future

And dwell not in your past

But listen to the old ones

As they sing your soul back home.

The timeless one


Is all we need heed

Sink into deep leafy earth

Rejoice in spring breezy airs

Leap into the summer lands

And harvest well

The old ones worshipped

What they saw, felt and heard

All around them


We would do well

To follow suit

It is here we are home

Revelling in the very pith

Of our land

Growing roots

To reach down

To take hands


One to another

There beneath the loam

Where our ancestors roam


And we on the surface their senses

Whilst high above

Birds dance on the wing

We are one, we are one, we are one


Teach this simple truth

T o your children

Sing and dance it

Into their very bones

Pray with your bliss

And revere with your grief

Honour with your fear

And champion with your rage


These are our sacred gifts

Listen to the tales of the old ones

Listen and repeat them lovingly

Savouring their flavours

Upon your tongue

And your belly

Let your heart follow its desire

And join hands with your kin


The old ones have spoken

Revel in their tales

Bring them to life

Dwell in woods

By the sea

Let the breeze lift your hair

And gladden your heart

Run deer like across meadows


Open your heart to the sound of love

As it courses through every living being

Respond to subtle signs

Follow your intuition

Honour all as your equal

And doubt not your skill

Live the life of a story

Wind borne


One to the other


Yet changeless

Rejoice in our roots

Love our land

Remember our tales

And become as a child

The true receptacle


Then take up your sword

Your mighty flaming power

And forge passion into your life

Live and breathe your story

Share all you have to give


And aim true

Your purpose is all.


Then honour the old ones

Those who came before

For what are you

But the sinew of a greater one

A woven thread

Of the tapestry

Of our people

Who came to this land

From over the sea.


The Old Ones are calling

can you hear, can you hear

Can you hear?