Mission Statement

The time has come to talk of passion, vision and inspiration.

What do you get if you cross

a diplomatic well spoken harmony gardener, artist, muso and writer who sympathetically restores historic buildings  including eco retrofits, and has a longing to grow good healthy food in a way that plants love,

with a passionate and enthusiastic writer, workshop facilitator, trainer, poet and storyteller with a penchant for cooking for health with local organic ingredients?

…a totally transparent,ethical, beautiful,inspiring,meaningful and fulfilling, nourishing , transformational, affordable Centre for Arts and Wellbeing.

We love working with creatives,would-be creatives, young people and old people,those who have lost their way,are trying to find their way or who simply need a quiet space to recharge their batteries and their dreams.

We have experience of:

working with multi lingual groups

teaching language and designing tailor made courses

working with young people

Vegan and Vegetarian cookery (specializing in special dietary requirements)

catering for up to 50 people in retreat settings (indoors and out)

growing food for large groups

building and restoring historic buildings


organizing events

running workshops and training courses

creating personalized poetry, art work, health regimes, birth chart readings


therapeutic gardening


fixing, make, do and mend

leading storywalks

and so much more.

We speak English,Welsh and Portuguese, are practical,inventive and innovative, and enthusiastic and sympathetic listeners. We are people, plant and animal lovers. We believe the indigenous myths of Britain hold the key to the future happiness of our people and that all nationalities’ stories hold pieces of the future within them.

Our dream is to create and co-manage a little piece of the future now, in the present; full of mutual understanding,inspiration and co-creation.

People will come to us to replenish, recharge, re-energize, re-vision and re-create their lives and dreams.  There will always be space for rich and poor alike and new dreams and collaborations will emerge.

We will provide full board and lodging in a beautiful environment with close links to nature, local trades, services and crafts, against a mythic and magical vision of the future backdrop for short term participants; encouraging them to go and replicate  what they have experienced. Finances will be totally transparent and any collaborators will be amply rewarded with mutually beneficial exchanges.

In our Centre there will be a large communal dining room and kitchen with range and pantry, a library, a round house for storytelling, music and sharing, a large wooden floored workshop/movement and dance space, south to SW facing land with a large walled garden and orchard, native woodland, big horizons and a range of accommodation possibilities for around 12 -14 persons. The centre will be rural, sheltered and secluded with an old market town within 15 miles. The coast will be easily accessible as will wild nature.

We know the most amazing professionals; conscious dance instructors, masseurs, herbalists and alternative health practitioners, movement, presence, mindfulness and yoga teachers, singing teachers, forest gardeners and permaculturists, astrologers, constellators, art and beauty therapists, storytellers and travelling minstrels, change agents and life coaches. We’ve visited and lived in community,both familial and intentional,and have Transition collaborators all over the world.

We are inspired by Felin Uchaf, Embercombe, Tir Ysbridol, Sharpham House, the Schumacher College and Sprint Mill.

Missing ingredient: the land on which to create the vision. The buildings are old and story filled, the surroundings still bear the footprint of ancient ways, (perhaps it lies on an ancient pilgrims’ route), the ground is fertile, sheltered and welcoming …and if it isn’t we will make it so!


You can help by…

Investing Capital in our social enterprise

Buying your annual retreat space ahead of time

Being our local eye in Devon,Cornwall,Dorset,Wales, Herefordshire and Glos. for suitable properties

Renting or selling us the dilapidated buildings you despair of for us to transform

Helping us create a totally ethical business plan

Sharing this blog on social media.

Telling your friends!


Help clear the mist and enable us create a little piece of Newtopia!