The Warriors’ Way – A Journey to the Heart

~The Warriors’ Way~


A Journey to the heart

Takes courage

Takes tenacity

Takes no little effort


What has been lost

From sight

Must be won

Through acts of courage


Don’t all heroes’ tales

Tell us thus

The maiden within

Caught in entrapment


Of story built upon story

Each stronger than the last

In its power to elude

Monstrous in size


And perceived evil

It takes a hero’s heart

To bring back innocence

Inner sense


Back into view

Back from beneath

The veils of illusion

Woven by fear


The fear of seven generations

Maybe more

Doesn’t loose its grip

Through less than


An act of valour

 A step towards

The heart

Takes courage


Face your demons

Face your enemies

From within

Tis they who keep you


In chains

They came to protect you

From a world gone mad

Humanity lost


Paradise lost

Through fear

Of our own design

It takes courage


To walk the warrior’s way

On the inside

The place from where

All enemies are vanquished


Warriors awaken!

The time is now.