Walking into Truth

In the lead up to my next big storywalk I wrote a poem to capture the essence of the last time…


Find your feet


Find your feet

It all starts here


In your roots

Connected to the earth

To all that is

And ever was


All that will be

Depends on your footfall

Walk lightly

But walk with intention


Walk with feeling

Walk with sensation

Walk with passion

And exquisite delight


For the breeze

In your hair

The sun on your face

And the smell of nature


Let your nostrils

Accept the truth

Of what you experience

Early morning damp earth


Fresh dew cooled air

Lush green grass

Hundred years old



Way marker

Of the past

Blossom scented



Hedgerows alive

With the jewels of early summer

Let your eyes feast

Upon this treasure


Let sun warmed skin

Teach you of bliss

This is where your god lives

In the very moment


Of existence

Let your ears

Teach you

Of divine order


On the strains

Of a tune

Learnt from bird song

And the humming of bees


The chirping of crickets

And the chiming of bells

In a distant place of worship

This land


The land of your forbearers

This land

The land of your roots

This land your truth


Hear it on the breeze

Carried along river’s edge

Hear it in the burbling

Of brown trout beck


Carry it in your heart

Taste its nectar

In sweet primrose petal

And cherries picked



Along your path

As you wend your way

To your truth


Remember these moments

The feel of the aliveness

As you step by step

Pass woolly backed ruminants


The joy infused breaths

As the beauty becomes painful

In its intensity

The ecstasy of life itself


Showing itself

In full splendour

In your temple

Your body


Remember these moments

As your nostrils inhale

Smoke filled particles

Of a polluted day


In the city of caves

As your heart hangs heavy

At the concrete paved land

Coated in rusted up


Carcasses of unwanted


In a city

Where escape seems to elude


Remember these moments

As the people filled


Threatens to overwhelm


With dust

Roaring engines

Heart thudding roads

And an edge of fear


Remember these moments

When despair threatens

To leave you bereft of self

Carried in the eyes


Of those deadened by


Not life

Not existence but Life


Carry these moments

Ever with you

They will sustain you

They will be your message

To carry back

To the others

That did not walk

With you


Share of your bliss

Share your passion

Inspire with

Your experience


Of the aliveness

Out there


To be re encountered


Paradise never left us

We left it

Paradise never left

We shut it out


Walk with intention

Walk for truth

Walk for your sanity

Find yourself


It’s all there

On the inside

Waiting to be awoken

Warrior of compassion


It’s all there

On the inside

Walk for truth

Claim it for you


You are unique

You are part of the answer

The future

Awaits your story


Let it be one of life

Of passion

Of joy

                    Of remembered connection


        Walk into truth

Let it fill you

Let it delight you

Walk back to you

Walk into truth

Start today

Start now

Walking into truth