There is a Flame

My beautiful quirky home, Honeysuckle Cottage, is open for the next fortnight as part of Devon Open Studios. Come and visit!

Honeysuckle Cottage in the Springtime

There you will find SoulScapes paintings – watercolour, pastel and gold ink compositions of dreamy depth all accompanied by a poem which I composed, Mitsy the little black cat, cake, and me, of course! Come and find out more about my work. See more here.

Mitsy the little black cat asks Tetley to come play

You can also view a copy of my new book, and buy a raffle ticket for the draw at the launch.



This is one of my favourite poems:



There is a Flame
There is a flame
Deep within my being
That no man’s presence can assauge
It burns blue
Hot as only ice can know
Nestling at the core of my fiery nature


What strange new territory this
The Relationship Land
Where I find that all the signs and clues I once could follow
No longer serve
Where in place of great passion I find
Subtle stirrings of something different


There is a place where I long to meet
A place more intimate than
Skin upon skin
A place where my deepest heartfelt truth
Meets yours
Meet me there


At the edge
Dance with me there
Each and every one of you
There is a place
Where I long to be
Your naked truth up close against mine


Yes, meet me there
Clothed in vulnerability
Open to feel not memories, not fantasies
But heartfelt truths
Let our lovemaking
Be of that hue More intimate than the deepest thrust


More exquisite than ecstatic release
More touching than legs and arms entwined
In the aftermath of our passion
Meet me there


At the edge of the unknown abyss
Of our deepest truths
Create with me the Present
There is a place I long to be
A place more intimate than the deepest of fucking


A place where I can be all of me
And you be all of you
To create
A unique flavour of love
That only you and I can know


I will go inside to meet
Face to face those parts of me
That long to be free
So that I can be all of me
Fore our meeting on the edge
Of the abyss of our unknowing



Will you go inside too
And meet those edges in you
That we might meet
Than skin upon skin
And nestle in the velvety folds of our deepest being?


The Honeysuckle Collection 2012
Stephanie AW Bradley
01364 644978