Read about the Future?

I am about to embark on a little journey of discovery…

Many of you know I am currently writing a book set in the year 2050.

I am also currently reviewing a book called “eGaia” for the author, Dr Gary Alexander, which has a chapter set in the future.

What would you ask the author of a book set in the future? What would you want to know?

Imagine This


~Imagine This~


What if we came

To heal the world

What if we reviewed our life

And wanted to come


And do it all again

What if we looked in

At the events our parents

And grandparents witnessed


And saw what had happened

What if we knew then

What was needed

And came to do it


What if we understood then

How to do it

What if then

We understood


We are all a part of a whole

That each living being

Performs a tiny

But indispensable task


What if we knew that

And chose

To come here

To perform that tiny task


It seemed so simple


And then

When we arrived


We remembered how difficult

It is

To be in a body

To be part of life in the flesh


And we spend our whole life

Trying to perform that

Tiny task

That now seems overwhelming


What if we knew

Back then

That what needed to heal

Was the emotional pain


Held deep in the human psyche

What if we knew back then

That all that was needed

Was to live in our body


And process that pain

For our own sake

And for the sake

Of all those who went before


What if

That was our task

Simply that

To process the pain


From the inside

So that it would stop


On the outside


What if

Every time we feel

And let ourselves truly feel

No matter the pain or discomfort


We are healing the world

What if our hands

Are the hands of God

And our bodies the Goddess


What if our hearts

Were tuned

To sing the song

Of the heavens


That created all things

What if we imagine


And bring it home


What if every time

Our hands perform a task

Or our bodies feel a sensation

We were feeling our divinity


What if God

And Goddess

Live through our experience

What if our heart


Is the centre of our universe

Singing into being

With every feeling

The things we find around us


What if we knew

Back then

That we were tiny scraps

Of the divine


And that (w)hol(l)y work

Happened through

The lightness of our hearts

What if


We remembered that


And touched as though

We were acting as the hand of God


And received touch

As though we were

The body of the Goddess

What if


In doing so

We changed the world

What if

We remembered


We are both God

And Goddess

And that our heart

Is the true creator


What if we remembered

We are all one

And that our tiny task

Is to heal our hearts


What if we felt the unfelt pain

For all those countless

Suffering beings

That came before us


What if we felt the unfelt pain

Of all those lifetimes

When we failed to truly live

What it we felt


The pain of one another

Each and every time

We meet

What if we came to change the world


What if the whole universe

Depends upon

Our small act of service

To heal the pain


And release passion

Back into the world

What if you are the hands of God

In the body of the Goddess?


Imagine that


What if it’s true?


Stephanie AW Bradley 19/11/2016

The Warriors’ Way – A Journey to the Heart

~The Warriors’ Way~


A Journey to the heart

Takes courage

Takes tenacity

Takes no little effort


What has been lost

From sight

Must be won

Through acts of courage


Don’t all heroes’ tales

Tell us thus

The maiden within

Caught in entrapment


Of story built upon story

Each stronger than the last

In its power to elude

Monstrous in size


And perceived evil

It takes a hero’s heart

To bring back innocence

Inner sense


Back into view

Back from beneath

The veils of illusion

Woven by fear


The fear of seven generations

Maybe more

Doesn’t loose its grip

Through less than


An act of valour

 A step towards

The heart

Takes courage


Face your demons

Face your enemies

From within

Tis they who keep you


In chains

They came to protect you

From a world gone mad

Humanity lost


Paradise lost

Through fear

Of our own design

It takes courage


To walk the warrior’s way

On the inside

The place from where

All enemies are vanquished


Warriors awaken!

The time is now.